Drivers could face major delays on the roads this summer!

The children have broken up from school; the great British summer is truly under way; we actually have some sun! So what do we do? Jump in our cars to head to the coast and end up with a 3 hour delay on the M6! Not a great way to spend the holidays. Drivers are been warned that they could face major delays due to traffic jams on the roads this summer.

According the traffic information company Inrix drivers can expect Saturdays to be up-to 25% busier:

The first major traffic jams will be on Friday July 25, and the five Saturdays that follow, starting July 26 and ending August 23, are expected to be the most-congested days of the summer.

frustrated driver stuck in traffic jam

Unwary travellers could spend hours in queues of traffic, if you’re travelling to catch flights, trains or ferries you need to plan ahead and build in extra travelling time! The busiest Saturday is likely to be the 9th August.

According to research from Kwik Fit British families will rack up a total of 15.7 billion miles in their own cars during holidays this year. That’s a lot of time and miles to be spent behind the wheel in traffic jams! Here are some tips to avoid the getting stuck:

  1. Plan alternative routes – Look for at least two additional ways you can complete your journey.
  2. Check traffic reports before you leave. Traffic updates are available on the radio, news, and Internet. Once you hit the road, continue listening to traffic reports on the radio.
  3. If possible travel at a quieter time of day. Early morning, late evenings are obviously going to be quieter times to travel. While waking yourself up in the early hours might not be attractive it saves potential lost hours bumper to bumper in traffic jams!
  4. Use a professional driver. Consider using a professional driver, especially if you have flights to catch. They are experienced and have up-to-date traffic information which should ensure you reach your destination on time.

No one can plan for the unforeseen accidents but following the above simple steps may save you from hours of frustrated driving!


Drive safely during the world cup, Cheshire police on a crack down!

The World Cup starts today 12th June until the final scheduled on the 13th July. During this time Cheshire Police have issued warnings that they will be cracking down on drink driving as well as disorderly behaviour! world cup logo

Roads Policing Inspector Richard Hill said: “During the World Cup we will have extra officers on patrol, and as part of their duties they will be looking out for anyone who they suspect drinking and driving.

“We’re advising fans who are planning to go out and have a drink whilst they watch the match to look at walking, taking a taxi or nominating a designated driver amongst their friends.”


While I do not believe anyone reading this blog will intentionally set out to drink drive, its very easy to get caught up in the atmosphere and have just ‘one more’. Motorists will also have to be aware of driving ‘the morning after’. Due to the time difference many matches will be played later in the evening, potentially you could still be over the legal limit the next morning even though you may have had a few hours sleep.

Police in conjunction with Cheshire Road Safety Group (CSRG) which comprises Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, Cheshire Police and The Highways Agency and Halton, Warrington, Cheshire West and Chester and Cheshire East Borough Councils, have launched a series of events across Cheshire to highlight the dangers of drink driving. The events will feature the ‘Think′ car − a vehicle involved in a road traffic collision – which has been donated by the Wilson family to Cheshire Police to illustrate the potential risks of drink driving.

Visit Cheshire Today for a list of the drink driving awareness events.

England’s first match of the World Cup will be against Uruguay on the 19th June. Have an enjoyable, but responsible World Cup, fingers crossed we don’t go out on penalty’s!! Top Cars are always just a phone call away, do not take the risk and drink and drive!

Road Safety week 2013 18-24 November – Employers asked to support

Road safety week 2013 starts on Monday 18th November, now in its 17th year is the UK’s biggest event for schools to promote road safety, this year employers are being asked to support.

road safety campagin 2013 tune in

Road Safety Week is the UK’s biggest road safety event, coordinated annually by the charity Brake and involving thousands of organisations, schools and communities.

Government statistics reveal five people are killed and 63 are seriously injured every day on UK roads. One in four serious road casualties are in crashes involving at-work drivers. Road death is the number one killer of young people aged 16 – 24, and the second biggest killer of under 15’s, so Road safety week has an important message for all ages!

Brake’s main theme for 2013 is ‘Tune in’. Through national and regional media, Brake will be raising awareness of the importance of tuning in to road safety and giving it our full attention – particularly if we’re at the wheel, but also when we’re walking, cycling, skating, running, you name it – to keep ourselves and each other safe.

Road Safety Week is the ideal time for organisations to get serious about at-work driver safety.

 At-work drivers are involved in a huge proportion of serious road crashes. These crashes cause terrible and preventable suffering, and they cost businesses dearly. However, we know from our long-running experience of working with employers that developing robust policies alongside a safe driving culture can make a massive difference to the safety of at-work drivers.


Employers can visit the Road Safety website for plenty of ideas to promote Road safety week. Last year hundreds of organisations ran road safety activities.

Driver distraction is a major cause of death and serious injury in the UK. Driving is the most dangerous thing that most of us do on a daily basis and requires your full attention, but many drivers have a sense of over-confidence and feel cocooned in their vehicles, so attempting to multi-task is common.

Has in-car technology such as sat navs made driving less safe?

Has in-car technology such as sat navs, integrated phones and touchscreens made you a better or worse driver?

Driving with sat nav

Image source:

We are surrounded by technology in our cars these days and while no one is saying sat nav isn’t a great invention, should we rely on it 100%? Are driving skills such as reading road signs and maps a thing of the past? I was on a car journey with a member of the younger generation (I remember driving before sat navs!) and they wouldn’t deviate from the driving instructions given by the sat nav!

“I don’t know this area so I am doing what the sat nav says!!”

I knew my route would be around 30 mins less but it seems we let common sense fly out the window. We rely heavily on the little black box or smart phone app at the expense of learning important driving skills.

We drive down lanes where it’s pretty obvious we shouldn’t go because “the sat nav said so”. We ignore road signs that have stood the test of time, again, “because the sat nav said so”.

Does in car technology make driving safer?

The RAC’s 2013 annual report on motoring found drivers split on whether sat navs have made driving more safe or less so.

Almost a third of motorists polled – 30 per cent – agreed sat navs had made driving more safe.

But 23 per cent of motorists said they thought that sat navs had made driving riskier.

According to the report 70% of you agree that in-car technology is distracting and is dangerous while driving. The worrying trend is that drivers using in-car technology is on the rise, while this be reflected in accident rate?

What do you think? Has in-car technology such as sat navs, integrated phones and touchscreens made driving less safe?





Choosing your wedding transport

Choosing your wedding transport is just one thing on the list of many when planning your wedding. Arriving in style for your big day might be high on the list of priorities or you maybe looking to step away from tradition and arrive in a unique way! Listed below are a few pointers to consider:

1. Budget

Usually No.1 on the list as this will narrow your choices, you may have dreams of arriving in a horse and carriage but will the budget go that far?jaguar x j sport wedding car

2. How many people do you need to provide transport for?

Depending on the distance if its just the bride and bridesmaids to transport you could have one car as a couple of trips can be made. Also consider the transport required if the wedding ceremony isn’t where the wedding reception is, church wedding for example. The bride and groom usually arrive together so what happens to Dad? Also the bridesmaids partners, are you providing transport for them?

3. The Driver

Most respectable firms will present themselves in a professional manner but do check! I have heard some horror stories! Also check if there will be any extras in/on the cars. Will there be ribbons or flowers ? Do you want them to match with colour scheme? Are you planning on having photographs taken with the cars? Nothing worse than choosing a company in haste and having a permanent reminder in the wedding pictures!

4. How long for?

If you only require transport to one place this is obviously going to be cheaper than requiring driver and car all day. Discuss your requirements and expectations before the event. Your transport provider should be able to suggest the most cost effective solution for your needs.

The journey to your wedding venue may well be one of the most nerve-wracking and emotional of your life, and the trip to your reception may well be the most wonderful, so there’s every reason to do it in style and/or comfort. At Top Cars we have a range of sports cars and executive vehicles to add that touch of luxury to the day!

For more wedding transport ideas take a look at: