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Has in-car technology such as sat navs, integrated phones and touchscreens made you a better or worse driver?

Driving with sat nav

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We are surrounded by technology in our cars these days and while no one is saying sat nav isn’t a great invention, should we rely on it 100%? Are driving skills such as reading road signs and maps a thing of the past? I was on a car journey with a member of the younger generation (I remember driving before sat navs!) and they wouldn’t deviate from the driving instructions given by the sat nav!

“I don’t know this area so I am doing what the sat nav says!!”

I knew my route would be around 30 mins less but it seems we let common sense fly out the window. We rely heavily on the little black box or smart phone app at the expense of learning important driving skills.

We drive down lanes where it’s pretty obvious we shouldn’t go because “the sat nav said so”. We ignore road signs that have stood the test of time, again, “because the sat nav said so”.

Does in car technology make driving safer?

The RAC’s 2013 annual report on motoring found drivers split on whether sat navs have made driving more safe or less so.

Almost a third of motorists polled – 30 per cent – agreed sat navs had made driving more safe.

But 23 per cent of motorists said they thought that sat navs had made driving riskier.

According to the report 70% of you agree that in-car technology is distracting and is dangerous while driving. The worrying trend is that drivers using in-car technology is on the rise, while this be reflected in accident rate?

What do you think? Has in-car technology such as sat navs, integrated phones and touchscreens made driving less safe?

source: http://www.confused.com/news-views/blogs/blog-are-sat-navs-a-driving-distraction