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It’s getting to that time of year again, Christmas is round the corner and we are preparing for winter driving conditions. We want you to be safe this Christmas so here are a few tips you should follow to make sure you car is road worth this winter, apparently they are forecasting a cold one!

In bad weather do you really need to travel? (The first point they always make on news reports!) I am guessing the answer is yes otherwise you wouldn’t bother! So the key here is preparation! Follow these tips:

  • Make sure your windows are free of snow and ice, every window! Listening to asnow windscreen police officer give a road safety talk a few weeks ago, he was showing pictures of motorists with little more than a port-hole to see out of!
  • If possible don’t travel alone especially on a long journey, obviously sometimes this can’t be avoided so at least tell someone your expected route and arrival time!
  • Before setting out, you’d be well served to put together a Christmas car-journey survival kit. The IAM (Driving advice – Driving Road safety) recommends taking a high-visibility jacket and a torch, just in case you break down and need to step out on to the hard shoulder to make repairs or thumb a ride from a tow truck. If you take regular medication, then you should, of course, have enough of the necessary pills with you.
  • Make sure you charge your mobile phone and take an in car charger!
  • Avoid country roads, plan a route with main roads as they are likely to be kept clear and you will be easier to get to if something happens!
  • If its along journey take some supplies, coat, hats, blankets, hot drinks and food!
  • Adjust your driving for conditions, snow and ice require longer breaking distances but try not to stop, pull of in second gear if needed.
You can get a free guide about driving in winter conditions from http://www.drivingadvice.org.uk/free-winter-driving-guide
Stay safe!