Drive safely during the world cup, Cheshire police on a crack down!

The World Cup starts today 12th June until the final scheduled on the 13th July. During this time Cheshire Police have issued warnings that they will be cracking down on drink driving as well as disorderly behaviour! world cup logo

Roads Policing Inspector Richard Hill said: “During the World Cup we will have extra officers on patrol, and as part of their duties they will be looking out for anyone who they suspect drinking and driving.

“We’re advising fans who are planning to go out and have a drink whilst they watch the match to look at walking, taking a taxi or nominating a designated driver amongst their friends.”


While I do not believe anyone reading this blog will intentionally set out to drink drive, its very easy to get caught up in the atmosphere and have just ‘one more’. Motorists will also have to be aware of driving ‘the morning after’. Due to the time difference many matches will be played later in the evening, potentially you could still be over the legal limit the next morning even though you may have had a few hours sleep.

Police in conjunction with Cheshire Road Safety Group (CSRG) which comprises Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, Cheshire Police and The Highways Agency and Halton, Warrington, Cheshire West and Chester and Cheshire East Borough Councils, have launched a series of events across Cheshire to highlight the dangers of drink driving. The events will feature the ‘Think′ car − a vehicle involved in a road traffic collision – which has been donated by the Wilson family to Cheshire Police to illustrate the potential risks of drink driving.

Visit Cheshire Today for a list of the drink driving awareness events.

England’s first match of the World Cup will be against Uruguay on the 19th June. Have an enjoyable, but responsible World Cup, fingers crossed we don’t go out on penalty’s!! Top Cars are always just a phone call away, do not take the risk and drink and drive!

Road Safety week 2013 18-24 November – Employers asked to support

Road safety week 2013 starts on Monday 18th November, now in its 17th year is the UK’s biggest event for schools to promote road safety, this year employers are being asked to support.

road safety campagin 2013 tune in

Road Safety Week is the UK’s biggest road safety event, coordinated annually by the charity Brake and involving thousands of organisations, schools and communities.

Government statistics reveal five people are killed and 63 are seriously injured every day on UK roads. One in four serious road casualties are in crashes involving at-work drivers. Road death is the number one killer of young people aged 16 – 24, and the second biggest killer of under 15’s, so Road safety week has an important message for all ages!

Brake’s main theme for 2013 is ‘Tune in’. Through national and regional media, Brake will be raising awareness of the importance of tuning in to road safety and giving it our full attention – particularly if we’re at the wheel, but also when we’re walking, cycling, skating, running, you name it – to keep ourselves and each other safe.

Road Safety Week is the ideal time for organisations to get serious about at-work driver safety.

 At-work drivers are involved in a huge proportion of serious road crashes. These crashes cause terrible and preventable suffering, and they cost businesses dearly. However, we know from our long-running experience of working with employers that developing robust policies alongside a safe driving culture can make a massive difference to the safety of at-work drivers.


Employers can visit the Road Safety website for plenty of ideas to promote Road safety week. Last year hundreds of organisations ran road safety activities.

Driver distraction is a major cause of death and serious injury in the UK. Driving is the most dangerous thing that most of us do on a daily basis and requires your full attention, but many drivers have a sense of over-confidence and feel cocooned in their vehicles, so attempting to multi-task is common.

Would you help a drunk driver into his car?

I was surprised to watch this video from, an actor is pretending to be drunk to see how many people will offer assistance for him to get into the car.  2/3 thirds helped him on his way!

Would you?


A consultation has recently taken place which proposes changes to enforcement procedures against drink drivers and other offenders. The results aren’t in yet but they are expected to include:

  • the withdrawal of the ‘statutory option’
  • changes as to when preliminary breath tests are needed
  • changes to the testing procedures in hospital
  • changes to who can assess whether someone is under the influence of drugs
  • amendments to the regimes for aviation, rail and shipping which mirror the road regime
Do you think we will ever reach a time when we will ban drinking while driving? What’s your opinion?

Tailgating is the most annoying driving habit!

Tailgating is the most annoying driving habit according to insurance firm Admiral, apparently its on the increase and males are to blame!

“Tailgating is where a driver breaks the so-called two-second rule – the road safety guideline that says motorists should maintain a two-second gap between themselves and the vehicle in front.”

Read more:

Are you guilty of tailgating? There could be many reasons for tailgating, perhaps frustration at the car in front driving to slow or your late and need to be somewhere but is there really any excuse?

I find it extremely annoying when people are driving 20 mph under the speed limit for no apparent reason, its frustrating and may will add to the rise in tailgating. But on the other hand I have seen people just being plain bullies and intimidating other drivers for no reason.

Its a tough one to solve, which side of the fence do you sit on? Leave your comments below: